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Disclaimer: the information on this page may be outdated, partly incorrect, not apply to you or be flat out wrong. Use this information only after cross checking. You have been warned!

Travel outside the USA

In order to re-enter the US, you must have proper visas. The US often makes a difference between the entry visa and the the visa that allows you to stay here.

For most academic visas:
In case you live in the US with a temporary visa, you must have a valid visa stamp in your passport and documentation proving your status as a foreigner on a temporary visa is valid, in order to re-enter the US. (E.g., for J-1 properly endorsed IAP-66 with signature from the foreign visitor adviser on the back). The visa stamp does not have to be valid for the full length of stay, only on the day of (re-)entry. If you leave the US, and your status has been extended while you were in the US, and the stamp in your passport has not been changed (and has expired), you will run into trouble when re-entering the US if you do not renew your visa during your trip. You have to do it in US embassies or consulates (e.g., in the American embassy in Switzerland), but make sure that you will not be stuck somewhere before you travel. For instance it often takes one week or more to obtain a new visa, now. You should absolutely consult your local foreign visitor adviser and/or HR department if you are not sure you comply with the first sentence of this paragraph.

Greencard holder:
take your greencard with you! If you don't have it yet make sure that the stamp in your passport is valid if you re-enter the US.
For H1 visas:
somebody please fill in the missing info?

Submitted by: Laurent Vuilleumier

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