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Auto insurance / road test

Fast way to get a drivers licence and ways to get cheap car insurance in the U.S.

---Getting a drivers licence is essential! Getting a car also. Insurance is mandatory. You are allowed to drive with your swiss license, but e.g. in NY you hafe to apply for a NY license within the first 60 days of residency. As soon as you have a SSN, go to your local DMV and apply for a learner permit. In NY, you have to take the written test in order to get your learner permit (practice on the internet at www.nydmv.state.ny.us/dmanual/default.html).You will get a temporary permit without photo at the dmv. Usually the Photo learner permit arrives after 3-4 Weeks if you have not already passed your road test. Take the "5-hour-class" (In NY) ASAP and apply online for your road test. This made me get my license in less than 2 weeks. To insure your car, get an excerpt of your insurance record from you swiss car insurance stating your "Prämienstufe" and that you didn't have any claims within the last 4 years. Get an excerpt from your record at the DMV of your canton in CH (Strassenverkehrsamt, Amt für Administrativmassnahmen im Strassenverkehr (ZH)) stating that you have never been on their records and send copies of these documents to your insurance company. This will reduce your insurance fee here in the U.S. about 70%!! (It reduced mine from the previously proposed 750$/6 mt for the minimum required to 400$/12 mt for a much better coverage). Many insurance company will insure your car if you have a sheduled date for your road test, a valid swiss drivers license and the above mentionned documents. Don't give them just your learner permit number when they ask for your license number (usually it is the same)!! If you have an accident, you may not be covered!!

Submitted by: Michael Tucci

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